New assembly line for front PTO

Zuidberg in Ens has taken an innovative assembly line for the front PTO into use. It combines an increased production capacity with an even higher quality level.

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World leader through a culture of continuous improvement

Machines are easy to replace, but people aren't. Our employees make up the company. We need our people to implement the strategy.

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Agriculture 2030: automated tractors on tracks

Meet the John Deere Joker: an autonomous, electric, single axle tractor concept.

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200th container has arrived in Zuidberg North America

3 February 2022  |  Reading time: 1 minutes

Recently, our sales office Zuidberg North America received their 200th container from our headquarters in the Netherlands. Sales in both the aftermarket and OEM markets have exceeded the expected growth in North America the last couple of years.

Started in 2014, Zuidberg North America has become the market leader for both OEM and after-market solutions in the agricultural machinery market regarding frontline systems, tracks and transmissions. Since then we at Zuidberg Group have dispatched over 5500 front 3pt hitches and 2750 PTO drive lines to Zuidberg North America. 

Zuidberg North America Container

“Zuidberg North America is a special place. The team here is unlike any that I have worked with in my career. Each person is committed to the “Zuidberg Way”, and are selfless in their approach. Together with the larger Zuidberg Group organization, our mission and strategy are aligned, we beat as one heart. So to take delivery already of the 200th container is special. We hope to serve the North American market in a way that surpasses all expectations, both internally and externally. We are on the right path, and will continue to walk down that path as one.” – Ryan Holden, President ZNA

Zuidberg North America Team
Back Row, Left to Right: Joe Gorder (Territory Sales Manager), Conner Zey (Territory Sales Manager), Tanner Barber (Technical Service Engineer), Chris Saunders (VP)  |  Front Row, Left to Right: Zachary Blunt (Warehouse), Tyler Salinas (Office Manager), Ryan Holden (President)

Ask our specialist

Gerben Klungel - Export Manager/Marketing Manager

With years of experience in international B2B sales, Gerben has extensive knowledge of the market and product and service developments. He is responsible for relationships with Aftermarket importers all over the world and provides and guides the marketing strategy of the Zuidberg companies.

Interested in pioneering together?

Interested in pioneering together?

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